Notes on “Pete’s Dragon”

By Yu-Han Wang

Everyone needs a best friend , but can you imagine that it’s a dragon? Pete’s Dragon is an adventure of an orphan and his magic dragon, Elliot. They live together for six years after Pete survives a car accident and retreats into the forest. He is uneducated and isolated from the world until Grace finds him. However, he is not the same person he used to be, he shows emotion by howling, and climbs trees better than normal human beings. The movie teaches valuable lessons about friendship and persistence; it is great fare for LDS families with small children. Adults interested in the genre should also leave the theater uplifted. Friendship, as a dominant theme, almost assures an emotional uplift.

Grace is the daughter of Mr. Meacham, who delights local children with the stories of the dragon. Pete 3

The rumor is that the dragon lives in the forest of the Pacific Northwest. Grace assumes it’s just a tale until she sees Pete’s drawing of a dragon. She plans to take Pete to Social Services to find a home for him, however, her sympathy and curiosity stop her from sendng Pete away. Grace turns around and takes Pete back to his “home”. On their way back to the forrest, she decides to bring her father. Meanwhile, Grace doesn’t know her brother in-law follows them to the dragon; he makes a surprise attack and catches the dragon.

He pursues fame and attention. Pete TwoHe wants the world to know he’s the first of mankind to ever catch a dragon. However, self-centeredness is the first step to failure.
After Grace sees the dragon, she sees possibilities in all situations, and there is hope regardless of life’s adversities.

Pete leaves Elliot because he doesn’t have that magic power to be invisable like Elliot, so he doesn’t want Elliot to get hurt, because they will find Elliot if Pete is seen too.

The message is unfelfishness and sacrifice for your loved ones. Pete and Elliot see each other as family and best friends that their love bond is never lost. Pete chooses to leave Elliot eventually so it can live in a quiet life without humans. Pete’s Dragon is highly recommended, conveying several moral messages. It teaches us to be sympathetic, loving, caring, and unselfish. It is also a perfect choice for family night with children.


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