“The Voice” or The Business

the voice 6

by Bryce Marvin

The 10th season of “The Voice” came to a close recently, and it came down to a group of four talented misfits looking for the next step in their music careers to decide who would earn the title. The finale came in two, 85 minute episodes giving each singer one last chance at winning the hearts of America.

In short, “The Voice” is basically a live-broadcast concert. With each musical performance, fog machines are working hard, the stage is customized to each performer, and the lighthe voice 4ts are in full effect to give the viewers a taste of how the contestants would do as professional musicians. Now take that aspect of the show, and I am all for it!
Unfortunately, over the course of an hour and a half, there’s usually no more than 5-6 performances because there is always a backstory or an interview to share. That is where this source of popular entertainment hits the commercial reality. It is fun to see all the hard work that these musicians have put in over the complete season, but their music and performances speak louder than the countless interviews that they choose to air.

And how about those outfits and costumes?

This finale actually surprised me with the modesty. The two men in the finals, Laith Al-Saadi and Adam Wakefield, were both dressed in long-sleeve clothes that suited their old rock and country sounds. From the two female finalists, Hannah Huston the voice 3and Alisan Porter, they both wore nice dresses as the winner was being announced, but that’s not to say they were always well covered. Hannah often wore dresses revealing her mid-section and back, and Alisan wore a dress that looked like a leotard with a transparent pattern overlay in the finale. The contestants did better than some of the performers invited on the show, or even Christina Aguilera, one of the coaches.

I was not blown away with this two-part finale. The music was good, but not great. After watching for 3 hours, I was burnt out. The format is predictable, and the 4 coaches do a good job of spicing things up, but it wasn’t enough.  I personally enjoyed watching the blind auditions more than the finale.

The music industry is extremely competitive, and “The Voice” is just another opportunity for up-and-coming artists to make a name for themselves while sharing their talents.

This season’s winner, Alisan Porter, is a mother of two who has been in the entertainment business since she was 3 years old. She is most commonly known for her starring role in the movie, “Curly Sue”, but she said that she wanted to focus more on music and less on The voice 2acting.

“The Voice” gives hope to grass roots performers, but is it in vain? Think of all the “American Idol” winners. Think of the last 10 winners on “The voice”. All of the winners have experienced their 15 minutes of fame, but only a few have continued successfully with their music careers. We romanticize the idea that a “normal” person could achieve unbelievable success through one of these programs, but are we giving them more credit than they deserve?

the voice 7


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